I am an obsessed, self-confessed serial people-development entrepreneur. I love sharing my message to support the success of leaders and teams.


Read on to hear how we can work together to customize one of my talks to create a message for your event or conference. My Diversity and Leadership messages have been heard in Hong Kong, London, Denver and a few places in-between.

Thrive, don’t just survive organizational and personal change.
Three topics I am passionate about and speak regularly on include:

  1. Creating Greater Personal Success at Work
  2. The People Side of Organizational Change
  3. Building Diversity in Your Organization

I’m passionate about supporting people through personal change, and leaders and teams who are going through organizational change. Email/Call to schedule time for a keynote speaker, workshop, Lunch & Learn, or for a breakout session during your next meeting.



Published in 2016, “Keep Your PIE Fresh” helps leaders achieve greater success and fills a gap between our work in the corporate sector in leadership development and individuals want to achieve greater success but don’t have company resources to support them. Based on the three lessons of PIE (Preparedness, Image, and Effort) and two key foundations found, this book’s will help you get on a better path to greater success at work.
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Our coaching program has over 200 participants in more than 40 countries. Our male and female coaches are actively supporting leaders, both women and men, desiring to achieve greater success in their particular field. Our coaching clients use Ripple to accelerate their success. Ripple allows secure and confidential tracking of goals, progress and communicating with their coaches. Ripple doesn’t use emails so your information discussed with your coach remain confidential.
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Founded in 2001, Watermarq is a boutique change management company focussing on the people side of organizational change. In 2016, Hilary Pawsey joined me as Managing Partner and we are supported by the great work of a dedicated global team of people in the United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Watermarq specializes in three areas: Diversity, Leadership Development and Team Performance.
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Learn How 3 Valuable Lessons Create Greater Success at Work

Introducing the book,

Keep Your P.I.E. Fresh

The main message underlying Keep Your PIE Fresh is that development alters success. Use the principles outlined in this book to do things slightly differently to get better results. Remember, successful people exhibit a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement by 10% and always keeping their PIE fresh.

Connect with The P.I.E. Guy™

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Very impressed with The P.I.E. Guy’s consulting. The P.I.E. Guy’s unique program provided my leadership team with a way to frame their goals so they aligned and interestingly enough used marketing techniques to help us achieve our goals. He educated the leadership team using his “Success P.I.E.” which not only challenged my team, but my team went on to help others make personal changes necessary to achieve more in their teams and…personal lives… we are more than impressed with his methods. Looking forward to see what The P.I.E Guy comes up with next!


No business is too big, or too small for ‘The P.I.E Guy’ and his techniques. Not only that but I’m really looking forward to the book ‘Keep your P.I.E. Fresh’ and the workbook so I can put some of his ideas into practice and become more an effective leader. Easily one of the best firms I’ve have the pleasure of hiring!